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All of our designs and methods aim to maximize soil health, biodiversity, increase habitat for native pollinators and grow to be healthy and abundant systems.

Sheet Mulching
Sheet Mulching

Sheet mulching is a process whereby  materials like newspaper, cardboard, straw, grass clippings, nutrient rich plants and compost are used to suppress and kill grass without loosing the valuable nutrients and soil biology.

Polyculture & Guilds

All plants provide functions that add to a healthy growing system.
Dynamic Accumulators - transfer minerals from the sub soils to the surface with long tap roots.
Insectaries - draw pollinators and good predatory insects to protect plants.

Nitrogen fixers- add N2 to the soil from the air.
Edible ground covers and vines provide living mulch and food.


Hugel Culture
Hugel Culture

Hugel culture or Hugelkultr is a process where the carbon from branches and limbs is harnessed by piling woody material into dug beds and layering with compost. These mounded beds will break down over time and provide food for micro -organisms that transform the carbon into rich soil

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