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Permaculture is, by nature, collaborative. We recognize that we are part of an interconnected web of life and believe in building collaborative and reciprocal social frameworks. Here are a few local, like-minded organizations we work with and recommend.  

Willow Tree Composting is run by a knowledgeable and hard-working woman, Jen Murphy, who does curbside food scrap pickup throughout the villages of Hartford, VT. These food scraps are composted and turned into a nutrient-rich additive for community gardens and farms! You can contact them at, and check out the link below to learn more about their mission and services! 

wt compost.jpg

Photo Credits: Design by Elsie Drummond, Barefoot Creative Designs. From Willow Tree Compost on Instagram.

Fungal Forest Farm is the project of Jesse Marksohn, a Hartland resident. They cultivate a variety of mushrooms, which have high levels of protein, vitamin D, and antioxidants. In addition to these delicious edibles, they produce fungal-dominated compost tea, incredible in aiding plant vitality. We are proud to partner with Fungal Forest Farm, and to offer our services inoculating your garden with billions of essential microbes from their compost tea. If you would like to contact Jesse to learn more about their products, you can email him at

Sokoki Falls Farm is a homestead, nursery, ecological landscaping service, and budding forest garden nestled in southeastern Vermont. They are focused on growing perennial edible and medicinal crops, without the use of pesticides and with minimal machinery use, in order to support a verdant future. Permaculture Solutions can plant some of their nursery plants in your garden, and you can visit their website below to check their stock. 

fungal farm mush.png

Photo Credits: Gabrielle Varela, Woodstock Magazine. Photo of Fungal Forest Farms oyster mushrooms.


Photo Credits: Jordan and Marina, Sokoki Falls Farm

The Winter Center for Indigenous Traditions is an organization dedicated to preserving indigenous culture, land, and traditions. We are so excited to partner with them by providing 5% of all of our proceeds to this invaluable organization. They are a registered 501c3 located here in the Upper Valley. You can find information to donate to the Winter Center yourself by following the link provided here.

The Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition (VHSC) is a coalition comprised mostly of Vermonters, focused on raising awareness and bolstering advocacy efforts around the importance of biological health, especially in the soils. Their work brings together a people from a variety of callings -- farmers, scientitsts, grassroots activists, and more -- to do this work of educating and connecting with one another to improve the health of our planet above and below ground.

VHSC placeholder logo.png

Photo Credits: Vermont Healthy Soils Coalition

Grow More, Waste Less is the brainchild of Cat Buxton, a healthy soils expert and advocate who is involved in a wide variety of community food and sustainability projects here in the Upper Valley. Through Grow More, Waste Less, Cat provides community spaces and farms with educational services, consulting services, as well as school garden and compost site installations.

The Upper Valley Apple Corps is a group that plants and cares for public, free-for-the-picking, fruit and nut trees to help build resilient communities throughout the Upper Valley. Individuals can get involved by making a donation to sponsor a tree, hosting a site for a tree, taking on the care of an Apple Corps tree, or sharing their skills as a grower. For more information, follow the link provided.

The Regeneration Corps is a learning collaborative between high school-aged students in Vermont and leading organizations in resilience and agriculture with the goal of supporting youth in gaining the hands-on skills necessary to transition from an extractive culture to one that is regenerative. Students build their experience while earning academic credit through projects such as designing and planning, animal care, seasonal farm prepping, and much more! 

GMWL logo 2020 1.jpg

Photo Credits: Grow More, Waste Less


Photo Credits: Eric Francis

Regen Corps.jpg

Photo Credits: Regeneration Corps

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