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Strafford, VT

Design Goals:

  • Enhance outdoor living space, sanctuary, pollinator, bee and bird friendly perennial gardens.

  • Maximize fertility, value and aesthetics.

  • Beautify around house with edible and non-edible beneficial shrub and perennials for year round form, texture, beauty and ecology.

  • Maximize bird habitat with nutrient rich berries.

Season 1

June, 2020

Canaan, NH

Design Goals:

  • Convert grass to diversified garden with nutrient-dense native berries for bird and human consumption.

  • Create a walkable "infinity garden" for contemplative meditation, using daylillies found onsite.

Norwich, VT

Design Goals:

  • Establish permanent no-till annual garden beds to build long-term fertility.

  • Develop diverse species guilds under already established apple trees. 

  • Install fruit tree guilds with native, deer resistant perennial blooming flowers and herbs. 

Hartland, VT

Design Goals:

  • Create diversified native habitat with perennial blooming flowers for pollinators, native shrubs for hummingbirds and birds, and berries for both medicine and eating. 


Spring & Summer 2020

Norwich, VT

Design Goals:

  • Increase surface area and fertility of annual garden beds using hugelkultur bed construction.

Norwich, VT

Design Goals:

  • Create diversified perennial blooming pollinator gardens for enhanced entry corridor. 

  • Install mature evergreen trees including Korean pine for privacy screen and aesthetic. 

Norwich, VT

Design Goals:

  • Prevent erosion and enhance beauty with perennial blooming flowers for pollinators, hummingbirds and butterflies.

  • Create native pond from natural run off and enhance with native wetland pollinator species.

Hanover, NH

Design Goals:

  • Create diverse wetland gardens to utilize and filter rainwater from collection tanks.

  • Prioritize native, long time blooming, water loving perennials.

Hartford, VT

Design Goals:

  • Replace honeysuckle and goutweed with native shrubs for migratory birds and deer-resistant perennial blooming flowering shrubs.

  • Create a sanctuary garden featuring quince trees and native pollinator-loving perennials.

White River School Gardens

Design Goals:

  • Create a diverse edible landscape with fruit trees, berries, perennial herbs, flowers, and raised beds.

Gayatri Chetna Center, NJ

Design Goals:

  • Create raised bed gardens to grow annual vegetables, a perennial herb garden for culinary and medicinal use and a compost system.

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